Business Intelligence & Consulting

Business Intelligence is intended to support quick and right business decision-making.
The information provided can be achieved by combining multidimensional data analysis and data mining with advanced statistical and analytical functions in a real-time, integrated environment.

Our services and solutions address the fundamental challenge of any business. We partner with our customers to advice, build and co-manage an effective implementation strategy coupled with a sustainable cost effective execution model.

MEC helps in implementing comprehensive business intelligence solution which enables organizations making smarter decisions from everyone at every level of business, whether inside or outside one's organization.

Consultancy-crossword Consultancy

MEC’s solutions can help you deliver easy decision making through vast quantities of data quickly, thoroughly and with razor-sharp analytical accuracy for concurrent insight.
The customized solutions are based on the customer's needs which are quantifiable for the business owners and help them taking right step towards organizational growth in today's swift business environment.

In Business Intelligence & Consulting Services, we cover:

  • IT & Telecom Consultancy
  • Disaster Recovery Consultancy
  • Cloud Computing Consultancy
  • Virtualization Consultancy
  • IT Helpdesk Consultancy
  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • Network Audit
  • Data Security Audit

Components of Business Intelligence

  • Analytics
  • Functional analytics for business processes including sales, marketing, procurement, finance, customer service, human capital
  • Information and data management
  • Business metrics and KPI identification
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Reporting and analysis

Key Benefits

  • Quicker, fact-based decision making
  • Simplified reporting helps in understanding complex information in user-friendly manner.
  • Combination of multiple data sources put together, resulting increase in efficiency.
  • Faster collection and dissemination of information
  • Solutions are mapped as per user requirement