MEC was established in 1980, we are celebrating our 34th anniversary this year. It was established by Eng. Musbah Al Moughrabi who started his career with MEC and founded it till it grow to be one of the most leading ICT and Electrical Solution provider ..
Today, we have a rich client portfolio and a dedicated team of experienced professionals, all of them working as a one team to provide the best solutions ever in the ICT and Electrical filed.

Vision  Mission
To become a leading ICT and Electrical solution provider in the region. Focus on strategic alliance and enhanced value delivery.
Vision Statement Mission Statement

MEC vision is to foster symbiotic business relationships with our clients, suppliers, partners and employees. We work in partnership with our clients to design solutions that meet the strategic needs of their business, enable future growth and development, leverage existing infrastructure investments and incorporate the best new technology offerings.


MEC’s core mission is to design, build and deliver integrated IT solutions & support that meet each client’s unique needs. We specialize in the design, construction, delivery and support of best-of-breed cost effective IT technology solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to make the most of their existing and planned infrastructure and technology investments.


Why Chose us

We build excellent business to our valued clients that are mutually beneficial to both parties. We take time out thoroughly to understand the needs of each client. We truly believe in our mission and do everything to achieve to provide satisfaction in each services being request by the clients. We give high quality for a reasonable price, Speedy implementation of high efficiency that gives the value of your money.
Our customer expectation is our target.